The Evening Church

The Evening church

The evening church is an unconventional time in form and content. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed. Lighting, music and short reflections intertwine with the stillness and tranquility of the space. We invite you to meditate, pray, light candles, move between different stations in the church, write down your thoughts or prayers or just sit in the pews or rest on the mattresses in the church.

Kvöldkirkjan is a joint project of Hallgrímskirkja and Reykjavík Cathedral. Evening church started in the fall of 2019 and held is twice a month, one in each church, from the end of September to the end of April.

Why evening church and what is the goal?

The purpose of the evening church is to open the world of religion to people who do not find themselves in the normal liturgy of the daytime church. The evening church is different from traditional church services that people have experienced. Those who attend are not confined to the pews, but have the space to walk around the church, sit or lie down.

What characterizes Ehe Evening Church?

Quietness, calmness and contemplation, together with non-traditional Church music are the main characteristics of evening church. Phones are switched off and conversations are put on hold until outside. A text is read every half hour, and music is specifically for contemplation and relaxation. Everyone is free to walk quietly around the church, sit or lie in the pews or on mattresses on the floor, light candles, move between stations and write down thoughts or prayers and put them in baskets.

Supervisors of The Evening Church

The ministers of Hallgrímskirkja, Rev. Irma Sjöfn Óskarsdóttir and Rev. Eiríkur Jóhannsson, Grétar Einarsson, church administrator and The Reykjavík Cathedral ministers, Rev. Elínborg Sturludóttir and Senior Rev. Sveinn Valgeirsson are supervisors evening church.